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A Unique Resource for Health Care Professionals Seeking to Improve Personal and Professional Growth, Work/Life Balance and Workplace Difficulties.

Who Are Healthy Physicians?

  • High performers who express themselves and communicate meaningfully with patients, families and colleagues.
  • Good mentors eager to sharpen their medical knowledge through teaching others.
  • Self-aware and insightful. They understand their strengths and limitations.
  • Resilient yet able to seek support when in challenging circumstances.

What Makes Healthy Physician Services Unique?


Provided by Dr. Michael Bednarski: a Psychologist, Seasoned Physician Interventionist, and Medical Educator.

  • As a psychologist he knows how people work and what motivates personal change.
  • As a physician interventionist he has helped literally hundreds of doctors get their lives and careers back on track.
  • As a medical educator he has conducted hundreds of lectures, conferences, and grand rounds on physician performance, professionalism, and stress management.
  • As a health industry consultant he has an exceptional reputation through his work with executive administration, program heads, and clinical staff.

About Healthy Physician Services

Dr Bednarski employs a unique portfolio of on-site and off-site services designed to help individuals and institutions manage concerns with professionalism, wellness, and personal effectiveness.  Over the past 25 years Dr Bednarski has helped hundreds of new and seasoned physicians improve performance and get their careers back on track. As a frequent presenter at grand rounds and noon conferences Dr Bednarski has earned a stellar reputation for delivering timely, skill-based trainings that inspire personal and professional growth.

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