Individual Services

Supported Services for Individuals
physician in high risk environment

Physician Coaching and Remediation

A highly individualized, strength-based, process that quickly helps individuals recognize and effectively modify behavior while improving professional and personal effectiveness. This service takes place through face-to-face meetings when convenient and/or through remote sessions.  Dr Bednarski is very experienced working in either modality and enjoys an exceptional reputation among the institutions and physicians who have used this service.

  • The coaching and remediation service effectively improves the client’s Emotional Intelligence, Communication Skills Awareness, Stress and Burnout resilience, and Conflict Management.
  • This service recognizes normal personality differences that impact how we communicate or transfer knowledge, how we make and present decisions, and how to effectively navigate conflict and workplace demands.
  • It is normal for different personality types to disagree over methods or approaches to problem-solving and decision-making, thus leading to interpersonal conflict. This service helps individuals quickly and effectively recognize and change how they address or create workplace conflict. Individuals are typically pleased with the ease with which this service increases personal insight, self-awareness and behavior change.

Anger Management

This service is designed for individuals who experience and express anger or aggressive behavior in the workplace. Services take place through face-to-face meetings and/or through remote interventions.

Resident Remediation Program

A highly individualized, structured program rooted in the ACGME competencies. Designed to address deviations from the standards of care and practice covered in the core competencies. Throughout his career Dr Bednarski has assisted hundreds of residents to benefit from and meet and exceed the requirements of institutionally mandated remediation.