Institutional Services


Institutionally Mandated Physician Coaching

Oftentimes healthcare institutions will look outward to consultants to help a physician, team, or program correct unwanted behaviors, manage difficult situations or constructively channel the stresses of everyday practice.

  • This is a highly individualized, confidential, strength-based service for valued physicians, and high-profile administrators experiencing workplace difficulties due to personal/professional concerns, behavioral inconsistencies, managerial conflicts, and workplace/structural challenges.
  • Both the referred individual and Dr Bednarski will develop a personalized strategy to help the physician with circumstances he or she needs to manage or improve.

On-site Medical Education and Prevention Training

Through this service Dr Bednarski visits a particular site for a day and delivers multiple lectures, grand rounds, noon conferences as well as individualized stress/burnout and remediation counseling/assessment meetings.

  • Often a healthcare organization will have multiple needs that can be addressed through a single-day on-site visit to the institution, or one full-day per week at a particular site.
  • The goal of this service is to educate physicians on matters of stress, quality patient care, team building, self-care, and teaching skills for medical educators.
  • Dr Bednarski will be available to conduct various grand rounds and noon conference trainings, among others, as well as to meet with attendings, residents, students, and executive staff in need of assistance working through difficult situations. For single on-site lectures and trainings only, there is an applicable fee for each presentation.
  • Dr Bednarski is also experienced in helping staffs through critical incidents debriefings.

Clinical Team Building Services

Dr Bednarski works with clinical teams to improve interpersonal and cross-discipline communication skills, decision-making strategies, and increased team cohesion.

  • The program utilizes easy to apply personal assessments, anonymous interviewing techniques and exercises to examine points of conflict in team functioning and team impacting organizational dynamics. This program builds upon the shared personal values that motivate fluid communication and authentic collaboration for the benefit of team efficacy, organizational visibility, and professional satisfaction.

Site-Visit Cititation Amelioration

This service helps institutions address and remedy the human interaction/infrastructural problems cited by accreditation agencies during a site visit.

  • The amelioration service helps institutions/departments correct cited deficits, while boosting staff efficacy and morale. Through this process Dr Bednarski will meet with key stakeholders in the institution and the department(s) under review.
    • Dr Bednarski will conduct anonymous interviewing techniques, exercises, and remedies designed to address institutional and interpersonal dynamics that underly the reasons for citations.